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Dear stressed out Student... I used to be you: anxious & frazzled.


And now I'd like to help you.


Are you rushing to get it all done, sprinting from one class or priority to the next?  

:: Are you balancing overwhelm with looking calm & cool?

:: Does Comparison-itis have you down?

:: Are you tired of measuring your life in numbers? 

:: Is your relentless perfectionism wearing you out?

Sound too familiar?

If so, you might just indeed be suffering from Rushing Student Syndrome. Or perhaps you are in fact, an ever achieving, Racing Co-Ed: too many competing priorities and not enough time, right? But where is all of this excessive dashing around getting you? And how is it affecting your general well being? Let my personal experience with this phenomenon be your guide. Read on...


Feeling exhausted and like you can't keep up?

You're likely draining your health bank account:

Your busy-ness has become great business in the health care world because stress is the #1 underlaying cause of most chronic conditions affecting both mind and body.  And yet, it has become so pervasive as an excepted and celebrated state, that we eschew it's effects, bracing each day for more battle.  Busy is the new Black and we wear it with pride.  That is, until our nervous, hormonal and immune systems decide enough is enough.  

Stress and anxiety symptoms are a sure sign that your world needs to change and your body has a great signaling system to enforce just that--whether you like it or not!

The Daily Hustle: Ready? Set. Go!!  Repeat.

Your every hour has been strategized and scheduled--and you're maxed out!


Are you experiencing any of these unexpected plot twists?

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?








Let's have a conversation about how you're feeling, shall we?

№ 1. Confused and Scared.

Something feels askew.  You've created a runaway story about what's happening to you and you are trying to make sense of how you are feeling.  Our stories, our perceptions and our beliefs--all factor into our experience of stress and eventually, disruptive anxiety.  You're likely here because your story needs to change.  At least the narrative does.  Because narratives create connections for us and that's how our brain prefers to make sense of this hectic world in which we live.  Except you feel like your world no longer makes sense to you.  Am I right?  This is because your beliefs no longer match the direct experience of your current reality. 

№ 2. Paralyzed by What If? thinking

By now you are feeling jittery, exhausted, phobic, and in general like your body has betrayed you.  Constantly worried and obsessed with the same thoughts over & over again?  "What if something really is wrong with me?" you ask yourself.  Repeatedly.  'What if' thinking is a hallmark of chronic anxiety as we begin to confuse the concepts of probability with possibility.  Again, we are rehearsing a runaway story, further priming our nervous systems into believing we are in some sort of imminent danger.  This belief or "threat" activates our stress response to: fight, flee or freeze.  Which under truly life threatening circumstances is appropriate. However, chronic activation is not health promoting, although it is becoming more and more, the norm.  We have confused excellence and productivity with perfectionism and over-achievement. The result?  Our bodies are struggling to keep up because they are not biologically programmed to continually stay in a state of haste.

№ 3. Dis-empowered and Dis-connected

Are you feeling like you are watching a movie instead of participating in your life?  Do you suspect that none your friends or loved ones understand what's going on with you and you don't know how to explain it to them? In fact, you're fairly certain you are 'going crazy' but you're not even sure you know what that means anymore? Our neuro- chemistry is directly tied to our stress response and responds to our thoughts and beliefs about our world.  And in a world of unending expectation, we're chronically in over-drive.  This results in a cascade of physiological responses that leads us to feeling anything but ourselves.  And then the stories we spin about why we can't keep up or why we aren't succeeding as we once did, enshroud us in shame.  Shame makes us feel "less than" and that only perpetuates the stress cascade.  Our perceptions about ourselves can either be fortifying or defeating.  But any expectations of perfectionism or over-achievement will only lead to the latter.  And so continues the downward spiral of a chronically hyper-activated nervous system.

The good news: you get to re-write and edit your story; and I'm here to help!


It's not simply "in your head" and you can get to feeling 'like your old self' again (albeit with a new toolbox).  Unmitigated stress, both real and perceived, can lead to dis-ease and anxiety syndromes.  I know this well because I experienced panic attacks in college and have lived with generalized anxiety most of my life.   Although I didn't initially understand "what was happening to me", I do now.  Stress and Anxiety Syndromes are multi-factorial experiences.  In such, they are best calmed by taking a similar approach.  I do not believe we can address and understand "what's happening" by isolating a single event or cause.  Despite our urgency to want to do so, in order or alleviate our concern, I believe that a number of factors need to be unearthed.  And, by taking this archaeologic approach; one that looks at our bio-chemistry, our thoughts/beliefs/emotions and how we relate to this fast paced world in which we live, then and only then, can we calm our nervous systems.  We need an integrative health approach and a community for support.  With those elements in place, we can re-write our story with the stability and calm we seek.  

Feel comfortable in your own skin again:

And isn't that what you really want: to just feel comfortable, relaxed and like you recognize yourself again?  You will not be giving up on your goals, your to-do lists or your pursuit of excellence.  I am not suggesting that.  I am suggesting however, that you need to create a better framework around what you eat, drink, think, believe, perceive and how you move your body.

Discover integrative nutritional counseling:

So, welcome!  You're here because you know that your stress and anxiety are fueling small choices for you. And that's directly impacting the direction of your life. You're tired of feeling paralyzed by how you are feeling and you need some reassurance and a deep breath stat!  A re-boot, of sorts.  I get it.  

So how might this work? My coaching practice marries the best pearls of functional nutrition, dynamic eating psychology, and personal development to get my stressed out students optimal results in their health and performance.  This integration allows me to not only build upon the fundamental pillars of wellness but to create highly personalized plans to help you get back in the game of life and no longer sidelined by your fears.  

My unique approach

Unlike most traditional dietary counseling which focuses exclusively on calories, counting, and percentages, I combine a biochemical approach to symptom resolution as well as a mind-body approach to incorporate the whole person in my coaching sessions.  Because I am both trained in eating psychology and as a functional nutrition practitioner, I am truly able to offer this uncommon, yet very effective, synthesis of psychology and nutrition. This combined approach is truly what enables my clients to have a better understanding of what good health is all about for them and a strong foundation for managing challenges as they might arise in the future.  And truthfully, that's what this whole anxiety experience is ultimately all about:  learning skills and having experiences that prime us for our great, adventurous lives ahead.  This is not about rallying against anxiety but rather learning to grow from it and understand that it has and can serve a greater purpose for us and others.  I know it may not feel like that right now, but trust that it will.  I know.  I've been in your shoes and sometimes, I'm still in them.  Except now I don't let those uncomfortable sensations or wild thoughts be in the driver's seat.  They are allowed to come along for the ride because they are a part of me but they no longer get to decide where I'm going.  Sound good?

Interested in getting started?  Contact me here.