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  • Schedule a 15 minute initial conversation (or email inquiry) with me. Working together will be a relationship that not only requires confidentiality but trust; trust that you will be able to make strides towards improving how you feel and trust that I will be guiding you each step of the way.

  • Following the initial consult, I will send you a questionnaire for you to outline your symptoms and lifestyle habits that are contributing to your overall current experience of wellness. We will track your progress as we go.

  • Our On-Boarding session will be a 90 minute in depth review of your personal story so that I can better understand the myriad factors that have brought us together and for you to (1) further qualify your current health concerns and (2) outline what desired goals are prompting you to seek my support. Should you have any relevant health or lab reports, send this along too; I may use them as a starting point for addressing potential nutritional needs. As we work together, you will see how your unique psychology and physiology are woven together, and how that dynamic is affecting your goals.

What Can you Expect?

  • Each subsequent, 60 minute coaching session will occur via phone, Skype/Zoom, or in person if you live in the DC metro area and this is preferable for each if us. Allow 1-2 weeks time to assimilate any new strategies and stress management techniques between consults.

  • Complimentary follow up notes highlight pertinent session topics and guidelines so that you always have the information at your finger tips to review and implement.

  • Email/Text support between sessions as needed! There will be times when you may want clarification, a resource, or plain old fashioned moral support to encourage you to look and move forward.

  • Articles, scientific research, books, videos, handouts and food samples are examples of supplementary support materials that may be included in your specific program. Everyone is unique so my approach will differ according to what best matches your needs and personality.

  • Sincere guidance rooted in scientific research and a whole lotta humor, to propel you forward.

The Investment


Single coaching/ power hour Session:

$175/60 minutes (recommended for longer term clients who need less focused coaching or simply want a Power Hour for a specific question/concern).  

Semester Package (8 coaching sessions throughout semester as needed):

$150/60 minute session, purchased as a block of 8 sessions for $1200

Initial On Boarding Session: 

$250/90 minutes (this includes your case review and any relevant information you'd like to share with me prior to our working together).

Group Coaching: TBA

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Disclaimer:  Please note that although I reference functional medicine/functional nutrition on this site, I am not a physician nor am I a licensed nutritionist.  I am however, professionally certified in Integrative Nutrition health counseling, Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition.  I have also taken additional, extensive training  and mentorship as a Functional Medicine Practitioner and I am a certified stress mastery educator.